Sql updating large number of rows Bolivia sexchat

21-Oct-2017 23:35

Next I thought I should test this on a slightly larger database.So I made another database and created a new, larger copy of Due to disk space limitations, I had to move off of my laptop's VM for this test (and chose a 40-core box, with 128 GB of RAM, that just happened to be sitting around quasi-idle :-)), and still it was not a quick process by any means.Note that I did not try any of these tests with compression enabled (possibly a future test!), and I left the log autogrow settings at the terrible defaults (10%) – partly out of laziness and partly because many environments out there have retained this awful setting.So one test would be to perform the following, one-shot delete: I know this is going to require a massive scan and take a huge toll on the transaction log. :-) While that was running, I put together a different script that will perform this delete in chunks: 25,000, 50,000, 75,000 and 100,000 rows at a time.

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